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Mathilde Nivet is a French art director and set designer based in Paris, working for years in the paper field, using it to create elaborated constructions and illustrations.



Zhoe Jie Solo Exhibition ‘36 Days’ at Beijing Art Now Gallery 

August 9 – September 13, 2014

Artist Statement by Zhou Jie

The 36 days starting from August 9 to September 13, for the audience as well as myself, is an in-depth exhibition with participation. During this period I will have been living in the exhibition hall, it contains an unfinished iron wire single bed, a pile of semi-finished “plush toys” woven with iron wire, food to sustain life for more than one month, several sets of clothes and three transparent dustbins. Most of the time I might try to improve the wire sculptures, except when resting on the wire bed when I am tired and eating prepared food when I am hungry. A toilet and bathroom is located on the second floor. Of course, I have a phone so that I can call people, read Wechat and even play games online. I might stay alright until the 36th day, completing all or part of the sculptures, and may be left with surplus food; or I will eat all the food ahead of the 36th day, I might be sick, and may not be able to stand up so that I end the exhibition early. This is my participation. I have a lot of speculation about the participating audience, but it is unpredictable (It should be more precisely defined as “participants”, actually the roles here are more than from “viewing” to “thinking”; moreover, who will become a spectator in another person’s life?). A spectator will have a lot of freedom.

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Artwork by Samantha Lee

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